Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Advantages and Drawbacks Hair Extensions

 When it comes to our hair, most of us are not lucky enough to have long beautiful hair the perfect hairstyle we desire at times. We are lucky though, in the fact that there are plenty of ways to change our hair length and styles using hair extensions. Hair extensions are great additions for women to change their hairstyle and to get that hairstyle they have desired for some time.  Because hair extensions come in just as many hair types, the possibilities are almost limitless in the changes hair extensions can produce. Hair extensions allow women to extend their short hair to any varying length or even for well designed updos. Before getting yourself some hair extensions however, there are some good key points to understand as like with anything else, there are a few drawbacks.

Types of Hair Extensions
Hair extensions can be categorized into two main categories, 100% human hair or synthetic hair. Each type has its advantages and drawbacks as well as attachment techniques. Obviously synthetic hair is produced in a lab while natural hair extensions are grown and cut from real people. Human hair extensions have the advantage of looking more realistic as part of your own hair but are quite more expensive if you can imagine cutting off your hair and selling it. Synthetic hair will not look as natural but will cost less most of the time. When it comes to ease of attachment, synthetic hair has a slight advantage as there is more clip on brands. Before deciding on a hair extension type, check both out to see if which one will be more attuned to your hairstyle you are looking for.

Advantages and Drawbacks
Before deciding on hair extensions, it is best to determine if they are the best technique for your hair and life. There are many factors to decide from including type of hair extension, cost, how attachment is done, who to perform hair extension attachment, and others as well. Because some types of hair extensions are extremely expensive, it is a good idea to determine your budget first and then see what you can live with.

Advantages of Hair Extensions

Can change any hairstyle instantly

Offers a variety of different looks, hair qualities, hair colors, and styles

Many clip on extensions available

Hair extensions usually last for a while

Drawbacks of Hair Extensions

Can be quite expensive

Damages natural hair, usually near attached area

Too many extensions can cause strain on scalp and head area.

Attachment of hair can be time consuming

Hard to find qualified hair extension specialist

As hair grows, hair extensions often need to be reattached

Human hair extensions require extra care

Keys to Good Hair Extensions
Once you have decided on getting hair extensions, there are key items to watch out for that can greatly affect how well your hair will look. One of the main factors is hair type. For human hair extensions more than synthetic, finding hair types that match your own well and that make good extensions is key. Some places sell bad human hair that is brittle, are too thin, and will break easily. The first step is to find good hair extensions that fit your hair and are in good condition. The best is virgin hair that has not been chemically treated in any way. The next step is to find an attachment step. Most attachment steps involve doing it yourself or using a good hair extension specialist who can add the hair extension with minimal effort. Finding a person to add hair extensions requires finding someone who can show you other clients they have done. Adding hair extensions should never be painful or leave you in awkward positions with your hair. The next step is to take good care of your hair extensions and to visit your hair specialist for leveling the extensions as your natural hair grows out. Following these key items will help keep hair extensions looking great with your natural hair.

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