Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Top Headband Trends for 2012

Top Headband Trends for 2012 Headbands are certainly making their place in 2012. Whether it's through thrifting, trading, grabbing or ground shipping you should do whatever it takes to jump on the band-wagon and enjoy this trend.

Chunky Braid 

Extremely comfortable, this easy style is a simple way to wear a headband. These bands can double as ear warmers; a great way to stay fashionable in cold weather. They will also stay in place, no worries about bobby pins or this band falling off – a great choice if you're planning to be active!

Giant Flowers

There's no need to wait four months for spring to come. You can bring it straight into your day with a number of blossom bound bands. Your flowers don't actually have to be big, but with the current trends you can certainly get away with it.

Head Wrap 

A great shot at boho style, these head wraps are more versatile than they seem. When styling, think hippie or 1950's pin-up. Not many items can do both, but these little gems have a lot of character. Wear your hair down or use the wrap to pull it into a low bun. 

Multi-loop Headband 

This type of headband is extremely easy to wear. It will go well with pretty much any hairstyle. The multi-loop band can be a fun pretty way to keep hair out of your face or a very elegant accessory. These pieces are especially big in metallic, and will go well with a braided sandal come spring. 

Maire spends her spare time reading fashion magazines and doodling flowers in the margins. She is an avid blogger and sandwich eater who is always searching for the next trend. Maire likes to push the line between what are pants and what are just leggings.

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