Friday, May 11, 2012

Bollywood Actress New Wedding Dresses

Bollywood Actress Wedding Dress. latest Bollywood Actress Wedding Dress. most papuler Bollywood Actress Wedding Dress. new best Bollywood Actress Wedding Dress. new wedding dresses picture. most papuler dresses picture. We are manufacturing these Bollywood Celebrities Suits Bollywood Celebrities Gowns Bollywood Filmfare Awards Dresses Anarkali Suit Bollywood IIFA Awards Dress Wedding Lehangas Embroidered Sarees Garba. most papuler Bollywood Actress Wedding Dresses. all time favorite Bollywood Actress Wedding Dresses. new complete Bollywood Actress Wedding Dresses. Bollywood actress Chitrangadha Singh wears a wedding dress of Ritu Kumar at a fashion show in New Delhi on Monday. A Tribune photograph.
 Talking of the costumes and jewelry, my friend just couldn’t take her eyes of Aishwarya and my mother wants to watch the movie only for that. Neeta Lulla and Tanishq have done a good job in dressing up the lead characters. Roshan looks every inch a royal and the moustache actually suits him. Aishwarya manages to look more beautiful and simple, even with kilos of jewels on her. Full marks for the lead characters but the extras were all dressed in a hurry; anyways there are hundreds of them. Nitin Chandrakant Desai’s sets look breath-taking in some shots and card-board cut outs in some but overall a decent job.
 designers use heavy zardosi embroidery in bridal lehenga to gives beautiful look. Choli stands for short, tight fitted blouse, same as the one worn under sari. Utsav Sarees gives the latest and the largest bridal lehnga catalog from the Indian fashion including wedding lehnga, bridal lehenga and other indian wedding dresses for marriages and wedding.
 Silk Lehenga Choli: Lehenga choli is all-time favorite dress for South Asian especially Indian women. It is not a new addition in today’s’ self-conscious fashion industry, it has its glorious root in ancient Mughal period which has extended up to today’s splashy ramps 2010, from designers item to bridal attire, and from a rural female traditional dress to gorgeous party attires. Everywhere Lehenga Choli has been considered as the tribute to ageless beauty where glamour, sobriety, and respect for tradition ooze out of the every fold and frill of the dress, be it a wedding ceremony or simple get together.
 The main attraction of these Bridal Lahenga Choli sets is the style in which they are stitched and it’s sparkly shimmery finish that is apt for any wedding ambiance and the special occasion. The next main attraction of all these Bridal Lehenga Choli sets are its choli cut with the flowing flair of lehenga.
When the bride is dressed in such fancy and trendy looking Bridal Lehanga Choli set of her choice, then the next main concentration should be on her other accessories. Wearing kundhan sets, stone sets, or antique collection jewel sets would be more promising than normal gold set. Never to forget about the waist bands while going for Bridal Lehanga Choli sets as that gives a prices look to the bride.

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