Monday, March 26, 2012

How To Apply Makeup Tips

Makeup is an important party in making you beautiful.But actually beauty with makeup depends upon the way that how to apply makeup professionally and how to apply makeup correctly.

So here i will give you some ideas about how to apply makeup step by step and how to apply makeup like an professional step by step guide line about how to apply eye makeup specially.
So here we will start makeup steps.Apply concealer after applying foundation which is lighter then your base and blend it well under your eye circles.Apply base or foundation which will suit your skin tone well and always apply base on the center of your face with sponge or spread it over your whole face with fingers and with sponge.Also apply loose powder after makeup for making your concealer last longer.Then start on eye brows apply dark brown eye brow pencil to match with natural eye brows color.
Cosmetic brush for applying the powder
Then apply lighter,darker and medium eye shadows on eye start applying with the darker shade on upper lid and lighter shade on center of the eye then apply lighter eye shadow on under eye brows.Then go with cake eye liner and apply eye liner carefully under the eye or upper eye lashes.Then Go with mascara apply mascara carefully on upper and lower eye lashes equally in two to three coats.Then according to skin tone apply lipstick with  lip pencil and with lipstick of lighter or darker shade depends on your choice,.hope these tips for applying makeup correctly will help you in doing makeup like an professionals.

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