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All Top 10 Women’s fashion trends fall winter season 2011-2012

All Top 10 Women’s fashion trends fall winter season 2011-2012
Getting ahead of the Fashion trends with Trendy style. The latest trends for fall and winter 2011 2012 are already known. We bow down again on the last season of the year: fall and winter. The winter season is traditionally ideal for your own personal style to develop.
Jackets and coats are more important than ever winter 2011 2012. With a maxi coat you always look good and it’s really not so important what you are wearing underneath. But we also see tiny little jackets, often double breasted and in bright colors. Color keeps this winter: mostly orange, aubergine, burgundy, purple, teal blue and indigo are doing well. In addition, we also calibrated the winter colors including many gray.
The 70s continued their mark on the fashion press and that is mainly expressed in flared trousers and chic blouses, with or without a scarf or ribbon. The design of dresses and coats is sleek, elegant and feminine. And at our feet this winter we wear high heels and wide ankle straps or high (over knee) boots. Knitwear is also well represented and often trimmed or enlivened with pieces of leather. About doctrine: leather jackets, leather dresses, skirts, pants and blouses are even. Punk rock influences and adding a spicy touch to. A trend that will continue this winter, the maxi dresses and maxi skirts in transparent fabrics.
Getting ahead and let the fashion trends for fall and winter 2011 2012 considered when you buy for the coming season.
10 Trends for Winter 2012, fresh from the catwalks in Milan

 Maxi coats Long jackets to on the ground
The jackets are again long, very long. Afkledende slim coats with a super chic touch are all in this winter.
 High Waisted Trousers
The trousers are wider and the waists are higher. The designers try to get it back to us. Who knows if this season we finally go en masse to the high waistline car!
 Transparent maxi dresses and maxi skirts 
We think this is a great trend! We saw him last summer already sown and the trend continues. Under the skirts and dresses you wear (of course) a ‘granny’s underpants
 Minimalist dresses. 
Minimalist dresses with elegant lines and sophisticated colors are a welcome starting point for winter fashion. Of course you make the look with a maxi coat and fashionable accessories
 Bright colors 
The bright colors we saw last summer, keep the coming winter season in fashion. Yellow, orange, cobalt blue, teal, purple … Combine these colors with gray or black or go for an outfit in a single, bright color
 Snake Prints 
This trend, we take note of last summer (but then we saw above accessories in snake prints). For winter 2011 2012, we literally see everything in snake: maxi skirts to coats, from bags to boots
 High boots and shoes with ankle straps 
Over knee boots this winter we see a lot. Also remain the platform sandals and high heels with platforms in fashion. Many shoes have wide ankle this winter. Sterile pumpjes and slingbacks are still as out of fashion
 Burgundy, aubergine, purple 
Colors like burgundy, eggplant purple and chocolate brown winter 2011 2012, we again see a lot. It’s especially nice when you combining
Bows and scarves 
Super Feminine blouses with bows or scarves are hot impressive. Some scarves even reaching to the knee. The materials must be light and chic 
Leather, leather and leather again 
Leather is a hit this winter. Of sturdy black leather skirts, trousers and jackets to leather in elegant colors for skirts and dresses.

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